November-December 2013 Artist of the Month – Erlinda Klekotka

About me…….I’m an observer. A quiet internalizer.  One who notices the details in the every day and finds beauty in the ordinary.

I believe that life is made up of precious moments. Moments that come to us so elegantly yet vanish so suddenly.

I believe that we shouldn’t allow these moments to pass us by unnoticed or undocumented.  Every moment has it’s perfect meaning in the hearts of those that shared it and every moment should be captured as such.  True, real, emotion filled moments.  They tell a story all there own, a story that should be told and retold to generations to come.  Story’s of love and laughter.  Story’s of passion.  Story’s of simpler times; that warm the heart and bring hope to all who see them.

These are the stories I wish to tell.  These are the moments I wish to capture.

Erlinda Klekotka – – 616.914.0365