October 2013 Artist of the Month – Amanda Pitts

When I really break it down, my personal photographic work is about nature. I strive to create images that will move people to love and respect our country’s awesome beauty. Preservation of green space and natural areas, both close to home and at the far reaches of our national boarders, has been important to me for a long time now.
When I was young, my summers were spent along the shores of Lake Huron. I grew up loving the sand, the open sky, the rocks and water. My dad took my brother and me on many walks through the woods as well. But I think the one experience that most deeply affected me both as a future conservationist and future photographer, was our family vacation out west to Yellowstone National Park. It was there that I saw mountains for the first time, and was blown away by the beautiful multi-colored pools of water, the waterfalls and geysers in Yellowstone. It was also there that I made the first photograph that I was truly proud of and it has traveled with me, in a frame, to all of the places I have lived since then.
Most of the personal work displayed here was produced while on vacation visiting natural places that amaze and inspire me. While not on vacation, I work full-time as a photographer at Grand Valley State University, which keeps me busy doing various other types of photography. In the past couple years it has been on rare occasion that I have had the opportunity to grow my collection of nature-based work. Between my work for the university, and photographing my almost two-year old son, my camera and photographic eye get a pretty good workout as it is! However, this type of work is important to me, and I hope to start traveling again soon, with my son and husband, in the hopes of continuing to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of nature.
Amanda Pitts