August Artist of the Month – Kim Johnson

Kim began drawing at the age of five, creating on pieces of scrap paper that her mom brought home from work.  “I would draw for hours, decorating our refrigerator to the point of not being able to see the door handle, or where the refrigerator ended and the freezer began“. Kim was commissioned to draw her first portrait at the age of thirteen, and landed her first wedding photo shoot at the age of fifteen.

Kim graduated from Catholic Central High School, mentored and encouraged both spiritually and artistically by Mr. James Wisneski, her art teacher.  “His encouragement meant the world to me. He truly taught me what it meant to embrace Jeremiah 29:11—‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’   I have made this one of my ‘life verses’ in both my life and in my work.”  She also achieved the sought-after Art Award in her senior year.

Kim is also a graduate of Aquinas College with a dual Major, having acquired her Bachelor of Fine Arts in both Photography/Drawing and Broadcast Communication. Because of her passion, creativity, teachable spirit, and pursuit of excellence, she was selected to be an assistant to the Photography Professor, Claudia Liberatore, during both her junior and senior years.

Her work has been displayed in a variety of venues, including The Grand Rapids Public Museum, The Richard App Gallery, The Grand Rapids Parent Magazine, and has been featured on the TV show, Eight West.

Kim has written and illustrated three children’s books, one of which is a modern day Prodigal Son story. The story has been made into a dramatization, and shown in two area churches, yielding a total of 51 children who made decisions for Christ.

Kim’s philosophy in life is, “Never worry about what other’s think of you, nor let their words bring you down. It only matters what God thinks of you.  He created you, He gave you your gifts, use them, and know that you are just fine in His eyes.”